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Since there’s First World Problems, here’s Third World Success

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The cartographer spared our city. One could see wavily reflected in the display windows The inhabitants of the city—creatures of weakness, of voluntary breaking down, of immersion in easy intimacy, of secret winks, cynical gestures, raised eyebrows. Only a few people noticed the lack of color, as in black-and white photographs. This was real rather than metaphorical—a colorless sky, an enormous geometry of emptiness, a watery anonymous gray which did not throw shadows and did not stress anything, a screen placed to hide the true meaning of things, a facade behind which there was an overintense coloring. exhausted by passivity, the poses and postures, the shifting weight from foot to foot. we find ourselves part of the tree of codes. Reality is as thin as paper. only the small section immediately before us is able to endure, behind us sawdust in an enormous empty theater. But we are attracted by the pretense of a city.
Tree of Codes, Jonathan Safran Foer. (via therescue)



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#Grayson. Grayson are you awake? #Graysonnn. #Grayson you need to wake up—why are you smiling like that it is time for breakfast and you are still in bed— #Grayson wake up #Grays—HEY—STOP THAT—I— #….these cuddles will only buy you a few minutes you know. #’Mhm Little Wing…’course they will…’

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R.I.P. Boys


Headtrap EP Cover Art

I’ve been saying this for a while, New Brunswick’s music scene keeps getting sicker and sicker. This is the case with Captive. Their latest five track EP Headtrap is bringing post rock/punk back with a bang. The release starts off with Senescence, that features hypnotizing guitar riffs,…

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Waiting for Cristiano to magically appear

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Gilbert Garcin

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